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The Golden Key to earning more money without adding more clients or hours to your schedule?

The  golden key: Efficiency. Too few or dissatisfied clients,  disorganization, high expenses, lack of sales skill are all part of the reason housekeepers earn an average of only $11 hour, no matter how hard you work. Time is Money.

Listen to the Episodes below to learn how to be more efficient:

EP 3: Why You Need to Put Down Your Phone

EP 6: Perfect Pricing Plan: How to Price Services With Confidence

EP 9: Three Ways to Keep it Simple

Would you like to learn more about...

How to gain more respect, earn more money and take your services from so-so to five-star? Then we would love to invite you to register for our Upcoming S.O.S For Housekeepers - Our Signature Service Optimizing System! In this 6 week Program, you will Learn About:

  • Defining your services
  • Developing a business mindset
  • Setting short and long-term goals
  • Self-Image enhancement
  • Finding & Keeping Clients
  • Handling Difficult Clients
  • Confident, stress-free Selling
  • Money Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Getting (and staying) organized
  • Ideal Client Profiles
  • Service Planning + scheduling
  • Estimating & Package Pricing
  • Projecting your  Business Image
  • Positioning as an expert
  • Marketing Message Clarity
  • Customer Care
  • Improving Your Efficiency Factor
  • Making more without adding hours
  • Resilience after a "failure"
  • Self-Care + Setting Boundaries
  • Your working environment
  • The "WOW" factor
  • Upgrading Services
  • Getting Referrals
  • 35 ways to market your micro-business (BONUS)
  • One Page Business Plan (BONUS)
  • 27 Point Healthy Home Checklist (BONUS)
  • Bidding & Estimate Cheat Sheet (BONUS)
  • Online Review Response Swipe File (BONUS)
  • 52 Habits of Highly Successful Housekeepers (BONUS)
  • Soft Sales Success Method (BONUS) 
  • Much more!

Your program includes on-boarding,  a workbook & journal, action guides & bonuses, a weekly live  Q&A phone call,  Facebook group membership, and all the support you  will need to implement the Service Optimizing System for your business!  

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