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Service Business expert, trainer & Coach Barbara Gini

shares her success secrets with housekeepers, cleaners, maids and other Home Service professionals: gain more respect, earn more money and elevate your service from "So-So" to  "Five Star"!

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The Eclectic Domestic's Podcast


EP 1: Welcome to the Eclectic Domestic's Podcast

This week we  define "micro business" and "micro-preneur", give you a bit of my own background story,  discuss why mindset is so important, and highlight some of the  topics of upcoming episodes. 

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EP 2: The True Meaning of "Service

In  this week's episode, we discuss what "service" truly means,  how to shift to a service mindset, how to release  the stigma of being a service professional & what you can do to have a client-focused approach to your work.  

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EP 3: Why You Need to Put Down Your Phone

What really happens when you get distracted & what is the true cost of your  distractions? Learn three ways to be more focused, less stressed, serve clients better & enjoy your work more! 

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Episode 4: Five Ways to Deal With Toxic People

Toxic people-clients, vendors, employees, love to push our buttons, gain attention & steal our time, energy & happiness by getting us to react to their illogical whims. Learn 5  effective ways to deal with a toxic client.  

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EP 5: Improve Your People Skills Even if You Are an Introvert (Emotional Intelligence)

This week: We talk about how to improve your people skills, why its  important and 5 easy ways to raise your emotional intelligence. 

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EP 6: Perfect Pricing Plan: How to Price Services With Confidence

In this week's episode we discuss the most asked question among solo  housekeepers, cleaners and maids: "How do I price jobs?" We will talk  about 3 common approaches, two things you need to know before you even  think about pricing, and an easy formula for figuring out what price  range your services should be in. 

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EP7: Seven Types of Clients You DON'T Want!

Are you hungry for work? Are you chasing after all of the clients who  contact you? Are you finding that some clients are high-maintenance and  you are too stressed to work with them anymore? Well this week we will  talk about the 7 types of clients that you will want to avoid, and how  to spot them before they even go on your schedule.  

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EP 8: Why You Should be Doing On-Site Estimates

I hear many housekeepers, cleaners and maids say that they don't do  on-site estimates-that it wastes their time and stresses them. I also  hear some say how they were blindsided at the terrible, filthy job they  did that came in on their online booking form. This is one instance  where an on-sight estimate would have eliminated that problem! In this  episode I give my reasons for why you should do on-site estimates, if  you are currently not doing them. 

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EP 9: Three Ways to Keep it Simple

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with caring for clients, family and  doing all the other things that need attention, and having no time to  yourself? This week's episode will reveal 3 ways for you to keep it  simple! 

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EP 10: How to Project the Right Image

Projecting the right image is the most important thing when operating a  service-based business.  In this week's episode, we talk about what we  mean by "right image", why its important, and how to successfully  project the right image for yourself and your business. 

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EP 11: Three Effective Ways to "WOW" Your Clients

What separates you from the other services just like yours? Do you give  your client's that "WOW" experience? In this weeks episode, we discuss  the difference between "customer service" and "customer (wow)  experience", and share three simple and effective ways to give your  clients an outstanding experience, before, after and each and every time  you visit. 

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