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9 Ways Our Professional Training & Coaching Can Help You:

Solo Housekeepers, Cleaners & Maids:

  • See yourself as a "real business"
  • Set clear, reachable goals
  • Show clients who you are by improving your image
  • Streamline your marketing
  • Speak more efficiently & effectively with your clients
  • Work faster and better
  • Weed out cheap, rude & disloyal clients
  • Earn more without adding more hours/clients
  • Professional & "on demand" support


Independently owned Cleaning Companies:

  • Set clear company goals
  • Perfect your company message
  • Create a Mission/Vision Statement
  • Grow your business by improving your image
  • Position your company as a 5-Star Service
  • Motivate staff to come together as a team
  • Implement a Stress Management Program
  • Find and keep high-quality clients & staff
  • Reduce overhead expenses & improve your cash flow


Where do we go from here?

Book an Introductory Phone Session (40 minute call)


Our 45 minute phone consultations are designed to help you gain clarity about your short and long term goals, and brainstorm what you can do right now to reach them using our three-step process.

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Book a 90 minute in-depth Consultation (On-Site or Virtual)


Our on-site or virtual in-depth consultation will uncover more detail about your personal and professional goals, your biggest business challenges and what steps you can take to remove obstacles to your business growth. We will provide you with simple tools and insights that allow you to get to the next level.  

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Book a half-day Coaching Session (1:1 or Group Session)


Our half-day (4 hour) Coaching Sessions will provide you with the most in-depth and detailed insights into your strengths, weaknesses and best course of action. Work out an action plan in detail and an implementation calendar to se it in motion. 

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