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Housekeepers & Service-Based *Micro-Businesses, do you know:

The simple secret to keeping your schedule full, your clients happy & encouraging them to refer friends?


The simple secret: always give more & better service than you promise. When you give more, it makes clients feel special and cared for, and they are more willing to share their service experience (and you) with others. 

Under-promise - over-deliver

The main reason that you will lose 10-30% of your clients and your total income this year?


The main reason: Poor Service. 

The good news is that consistent attention to customer care can quickly reverse this effect & enable you to grow your business with more clients, a better reputation, and higher income

Be better than average

The golden key to earning more money without adding more clients or hours to your schedule?


The golden key: Efficiency. Too few or dissatisfied clients, disorganization, high expenses, lack of sales skill are all part of the reason housekeepers earn an average of only $11 hour, no matter how hard you work.

Earn more respect & more money

What if I told you that you could earn more by giving clients personalized 5-Star Service without:

  • Giving away your time 
  • Spending more money 
  • Doing more work
  • Creating more stress

I'm Ready! show me how!

*A "micro-business" is a small business that employs 5 people or less, with sales totaling less than $250,000 per year. In the US, there are 22 million micro-enterprises, with about 1.8 million people employed by a micro housekeeping service, or working as a solo housekeeper, cleaner or maid.

 House cleaning services are one of the most common micro businesses, along with child care, catering, event planning, photography, marketing & graphic design. In order for your micro business to grow & thrive, you will need to develop the same skills as larger business owners have.

Teach Me the Skills!!